Texas’ near-total abortion ban

The law will be carried out by civilians “deputized” to do what the state cannot: enforce its new restrictive abortion law for $10,000 bounties on anyone getting or aiding a women getting an abortion.


Above are the smiling white men who have figured out a way for the State of Texas to  control a women's right to choose. In spite of it being blatantly unconstitutional.  Although these same white men claim wearing a mask for their own protection from Covid is a violation of their rights as citizens under the same constitution, they have no problem with citizens from anywhere in the world being deputized by this law to  sue women and anyone that aides them for a $10,000 bounty. The hypocrisy of it would be hilarious if it wasn't so dangerous to women in Texas and anyone that would aid them. And to democratic norms in America.

The law at the moment is clearly unconstitutional according to  precedent set by Roe vs. Wade, but that didn't seem to bother the 5 conservative Supreme Court judges from letting this law stand for the moment in the dead of the night with no public review on a so called jurisdiction issue. This law was specifically written so that it couldn't be challenged in the courts because the State of Texas was not enforcing it. In a scene out of some dystopian movie or television series, the state has "deputized" ordinary citizens from anywhere in the world to sue any woman or anyone that aids her in getting an abortion in Texas after six weeks. The six weeks is also radical. Most women do not know that they are pregnant  at 6 weeks.

There has been some questions since Amy Barrett joined the Supreme Court as the sixth conservative judge, about how the court would rule on social and culture issues like a women's right to choose. They have chosen to take up yet another case from Mississippi challenging Roe vs. Wade this fall, but even the most jaded court observers could not believe that this new 5 judge block would let this abhorrent Texas law go into effect. 

We will see how progressives push back. The US Justice Department is suing Texas over it but there is some question of standing. Other Texas groups are also going to lower courts to stop this law from putting women in danger.

If not to add insult to injury this past week Amy Conen Barrett gave a speech as the University of Louisville’s McConnell Center warning the public not to see the Supreme Court as political. Yes, the same Mitch McConnel that rammed through her nomination in the waning days of Trumps presidency.  How else can you see than as political with the court acting in this way.


The whole question of abortion is based on the beliefs of a minority of white people that a human begins at conception and to abort it in a sense is a murder of a child. There is no scientific proof one way or another that a fetus becomes human at conception. That is a belief of some white Christians. What they seem to be saying, and the Supreme Court seems to agree, is that a minority with a particular belief system can dictate to the majority about their behavior. There is nothing more Un-American about that concept. IF laws like this one are left standing, who is next to be hunted by deputized vigilante citizens.