As independent registered voters we hold both the Trumplikins and the Democratic party accountable for the current threats to our democracy. The Democrats, although they complain a lot, don't seem capable of holding Trump and his allies accountable for the grievous attacks they are making on our democratic norms. The Trumplikins seem to have decided the only way they are going to win a national election again is to suppress the votes of people of color and use legal maneuvering to keep the white male minority in power.

Former Trump associates like Bill Barr and Rudi Giuliani in our view criminally lied to the American people and should be indicted, but there is no one that fits that bill as a  seditious conspirator to US democracy than Trumps formally appointed DOJ senior official Jeffrey Clark.

After a fairly unremarkable rise through the ranks as a national Republican lawyer, Clark decided he was going to help Trump overthrow the 2020 election illegally by writing a letter from his position as the head of the civil division of the DOJ to Georgia legislator's.


The letter claimed the DOJ was investigating substantial 2020 election voter fraud in a number of states that Biden won like Georgia. The letter also gave permission to the Georgia Republican legislators to call a special session to look into these false claims and name an alternative slate of electors that would support Trumps election.   

This was the last desperate act of Trump to overthrow the election with his BIG LIE of voter fraud, even though then US Attorney General Bill Barr had already declared there was NO voter fraud before he jumped ship. 


The only reason the letter was not sent was that Jeffrey Rosen, the acting US Attorney General, would not sign it. This instigated a meeting at the White House with Trump where both Rosen and Clark made their pitches to be the acting US Attorney General.


The only reason that Trump did not fire Rosen and install Clark is that Rosen and the other top officials at the DOJ threatened to resign in mass. Rosen remained and the letter was never sent, but IF it had it would have been the beginning of an illegal COUP. The Trump Justice Department would have used similar methods in the other swing states controlled by Republican legislators that Biden won and would have instigated a Constitutional crisis from which America may not have recovered .

You would think when it was revealed that a senior official of the DOJ had taken steps to foment a COUP, he would have been at least dis-barred and criminally investigated. Instead Clark walked and landed a posh position at the New Civil Liberties Alliance, funded by the ultra right Koch brothers. A Congressional investigation has begun for what that's worth but no charges have been filed for Clark participating in this plot.

It is our view that IF Trump officials like Clark and Bill Barr are not investigated and brought up on charges, the alt right Trumplikins will try again, the next time they lose an election. If they are successful, it would be the end of American democracy.

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