Stories to Pay Attention 2!

Is QAnon a Game Gone Wrong? | FT Film

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Capitalism will Eat Democracy - Yanis Varoufakis

News Media Outlets Consolidated into Five Mega Corporations

Trump Duped Donors | Politicos/Wealthy Deep State CON

Rachel Maddow

Could digital currencies put banks out of business ? 

The Economist

Trumplikins BIG LIE - January 6th Capitol Insurrection

NBC News

Woke Culture - Take 1


Don't Be Distracted by Right vs. Left - The System is Rigged

Robert Reich

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candle in the dark.jpg

The BIG CON - Corporate/Wealthy Deep State  - Seth Meyers

Big Tech CEOS "Testify" Before Congress - CBC

Are Corporations Taking over World Governance from Nation States?- TRT

RED CHINA & Big Tech

Red Lines

What Trumplikins Sound Like

Heritage Action for America

Woke Culture - Take 2

Richard Gannon