Our Prioritized TO DO List

What to watch for, what to make of it, and what to support in order of importance.

What is an oligarchy and could we become one?


1. End the Distraction of the fake Culture War Between the Left and the Right  (Podcast #2 - What to Look For )

We are in support of convening a third political force made up of independents, moderate Republicans and Democrats that would form a new Congressional voting block based on policies of “common sense” that would include the best conservative and liberal ideas. If we allow ourselves to be distracted by the seeming battle between left vs. right that continues to troll us for donations, we are missing what is really happening. We are locked in a competition between the wealthy and the powerful and all the rest of us about who is going to dictate what America becomes going forward. That is the true Culture War that is raging, underscored by the question... "are we capable of transitioning from the existing white, male power structure to a multicultural, democratic shareholder economy... peacefully."


The constant bickering is tiresome and dangerous as American's continue to die because of the lies and disinformation spread by politicians to raise funds for their own enrichment, cable news to improve their ratings and social media to gain followers. Neither party seems capable of working with the other. Collaboration cannot be achieved if one or both parties choose NOT work with each other. One party gains control and skews democratic norms according to its narrative, then the other party wins the next election and skews them back. There is no stabilization of a dynamic middle way.

It is our belief if we don’t re-establish a new cultural-political-economic voice that represents the wishes of a majority of our population, the rest of the changes listed below will have a very difficult time coming to fruition. IF we allow themselves to be further paralyzed by fundamentally different narratives, conspiracy theories, misinformation and lies, America may go the way of other empires, not because of a violent over throw of its government, but because WE the people have gotten lazy and have lost the will to continue to fight for this experiment in democracy.  


2. Enact Political/Election Reform  (what to look for)

America needs minimum national election standards that ensure everyone who wants to vote can... easily. This means expanding voting access, mail in ballots, drop off boxes

and voting district alignment that is not gerrymandered. The Trumplicans response to losing the 2020 election was to ensure that it would never happen again by suppressing

voters of color. 254 bills in 43 states called by some “Jim Crow in a suit” currently are making their way through State government processes. Democrats have made the passage of HR1 in the House and SR 1 in the Senate a priority, so that the 2022 elections will not be the first to feel the impact of this latest attempt to suppress voting. Do everything you can to support these bills passing in Congress, including revamping the way the “filibuster” works in the Senate if necessary.


Next, we need to get unlimited anonymous PAC funding out of politics and instead support some sort of citizen funded Federal campaigns. The Supreme Courts decision to reaffirm that corporations have the rights of individuals, and are free to distort the American political system with vast sums of dark money was a travesty.


Next, support the review of existing checks and balances procedures that got circumvented, ignored or illegally violated by the last administration. These procedural processes need to be upgraded to laws to ensure all politicians are held accountable for violations in a meaningful way.  Those that lied to the American people about the Covid Pandemic and the results of the 2020 Elections should also be prosecuted so it never happens again. We need to raise the standard of what public figures can say. Words matter. Lies and misinformation can cost American's their lives.


3. Watch Whether Corporations Support Democratic Norms or Not.  (what to look for)

Keep an eye on what the big corporations do when asked to support democratic reforms. As the Trumplikins roll out their attempts to end voting rights for people of color, steal elections when they don't like the outcome and eliminate a women's right to choose, some big corporations have issued public support statements of condemnation, but very little else. Remember, as consumers we have the power to send them a message. Either support our rights or we stop buying your products and services. Will the big corporations really stand up for democratic norms or do they think they don't need them anymore to be successful?


The economic question is... are they going to continue to prioritize shareholder profits  over stakeholder benefits? Aren't you tired of billionaires getting richer? Time to send them a message. Spread the wealth that is created to a much larger stakeholder network instead of consolidating it in a small group of shareholders. This could partially be accomplished by a wealth tax, taxing financial transactions and/or reforming the tax system so that it taxes more than just individual "income." Also, end corporate welfare by eliminating unfair tax breaks and deductions, subsidies and judicial support of corporations over individual citizens.

4. Regulate Cable Television and Social Media Platforms  (what to look for)

Reduce fake news, lies and misinformation through regulating Cable Television and Social Media news feeds that will ensure a common set of facts that citizens can consider.

The mindless chatter and dangerous rhetoric being promoted by Cable and Social Media news feeds is depriving us of that clarity. Also, reform big tech data collection so that

private citizens control access to their personal data that drives the news and information they see.

5. Create Technology that Benefits Everyone  (what to look for)

Ensure the benefits provided by artificial Intelligence applications are available to the general population regardless of economic standing. One of the primary change agents of our times is the continuing development and deployment of artificial intelligence in its many forms. Also insist that general AI training/coding includes the latest stages of human intelligence.


6. Honor All Our Relationships as if our survival as humans depended on it  (what to look for)

Review our relationship with the present state of democratic norms in America. Prosecute those that violate those norms. Suppress "vigilante" tactics designed to intimate voters. Pass laws and enforce regulations that protect all citizens right to birth control, marriage, economic opportunities and access to education regardless of race, religion or gender. Push for the reform of law enforcement as it relates to racial justice and the establishment of economic zones of opportunity. Recognize and address human impacts on the natural systems of the planet and reduce them.


7. Freely Engage with Spirit  (what to look for)

Maintain our separation of church and state while protecting all citizens right to freedom of religious and spiritual expression, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. More violence is done in the name of God than any other cause.  Support banning religious non-profit organizations from donating to political campaigns.

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