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If you are wondering why our democracy feels threatened, here is one reason. The Trumplikins are continuing to promote the BIG lie that the President Biden's election was not legitimate. In spite of offering NO verifiable proof in the more than the 60 court cases they filed and LOST, they continue to push this misinformation causing dangerous divisions in the American people.



In a word... MONEY. The BIG lie is designed so that Trump and his enablers can falsely raise millions of dollars from their base to enrich themselves. 


When you look at Trumps history he has always been a grifter. Falsely claiming he was billionaire many times over, not paying  people who do work for him and creating fraudulent enterprises  like the Trump Foundation and the Trump University. Trump didn't think he was going to win the election, but when he did it was not long before he brought his grifter instincts to the Presidency of the United States.


For example, millions of money donated to his Inauguration  committee disappeared into faceless corporate entities controlled by his family members. This is just now being investigated because we have a new Justice department.  His chairman of his Inauguration Committee, Tom Barrack, has been charged with running a grift of his own when he illegibly attempted to influence the American government on behalf of the  United Arab Emirates. This pattern of the the BIG Don Con has been in plain sight from the beginning.

But why does this DON CON threaten democracy in the United States? Here is the primary reason. If one party, in this case the Trumplikins, are only interested in maintaining their white, male power base, they will do so by suppressing the votes of people of color. In many cases, the new "Jim Crow" laws being passed in states that Trump lost in 2020 like Georgia and Arizona were expected to be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  However, the court  refused in a ruling by a 6-3 conservative margin to strike down some of Arizona's new laws making it harder for people of color to vote. If access to voting and control of elections are going to be under the control of Trumplikin state legislators, we may well see the next election truly stolen  by Trump supporters in these Red states.

The irony of these false challenges to our democratic election system is that all the money Trump and his allies are collecting to supposedly promote these efforts are going instead to Trumps personal bank account. As serious a threat that these new voting election laws pose, Trump is only interested in enriching himself and his family while CONING his supporters out of their hard earned money.

Watch the special reporting on Trumps DON CON created by the Young Turks Network in the video on the left. It covers all the bases. And if you want to read an excellent opinion piece  from the Washington Post on why Trump supporters won't admit they are being DON CONNED click this link.

The Arizona Fake Audit Con 

The BIG DON CON extends beyond Trump just enriching himself. His supporters are also using his grifter techniques. IF you wondering why the fake audit taking place in Arizona is still proceeding even though it will not change the 2020 results in Arizona, the answer is again... MONEY.  Here are two videos that cover that part of this CON, including Republican officials who are now saying it must end.

If you want to read more on WHO is paying for the sham audit in Arizona, click on this link to the Forbes article spelling it all out.

The Majorie Taylor Green Con 

One Trump supporter who has taken full advantage of the Trump grifter "its all about the money" CON is Majorie Taylor Green.  Green is an American politician, businesswoman, and far-right conspiracy theorist serving as the U.S. representative for Georgia's 14th congressional district. A strong supporter of former president Donald Trump, Greene was elected to Congress in November 2020 and sworn into office on January 3, 2021.


Greene has promoted numerous far-right, white supremacist, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories including the white genocide conspiracy theory QAnon, and Pizzagate as well as other disproven conspiracy theories, such as false flag mass shootings, the Clinton body count, and those related to 9/11Before running for Congress, she advocated for executing prominent Democratic politicians. As a congresswoman, she equated the Democratic Party with Nazis and compared COVID-19 safety measures to the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust

If you are wondering why she was not upset about being booted off her House of Representative committee assignments  or hasn't introduced any legislative offerings it is because she seems to be more interested in promoting herself as an alt right social media personality spewing misinformation about the Pandemic than a Congressional Representative from Georgia. The reason for this is once again.... money. Watch the video from The Damage Report on size of the  CON she is running.